World Gourmet Show


The World Gourmet show brings together the culinary brilliance of the UAE with the expertise of internationally renowned chefs who redefine culinary boundaries, unveiling the next wave of trends and crafting food masterpieces that transcend time. 

The captivating theme of ‘Celebrating Global Flavors Fest’, showcased an extraordinary fusion of Abu Dhabi’s culinary brilliance with the expertise of Michelin-starred chefs hailing from Europe, India, Armenia, and beyond. Each day was unfolded with culinary themes, spotlighting traditional dishes from an array of countries.


Last year brought together an impressive gathering of celebrity chefs, including masterclasses, tastings, and more, led by globally acclaimed Michelin chefs such as Chef Alessio Pirozzi, Chef Manal Alalem, and Chef Luigi Stinga. These culinary maestros displayed their expertise while preparing signature dishes that tantalized the taste buds of attendees.


Day One set the stage with tantalizing Greek and Moroccan flavors expertly crafted by Chef Theo Taverna and Chef Maher, alongside an unforgettable masterclass by Michelin Chef Alessio Pirozzi. 

Day Two continued the culinary journey with a focus on Indian and Armenian delicacies, featuring masterclasses led by leading chefs like Chef Spino, Chef Luigi, Nick Alvis, and more.


The highlight of Day Three was the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) cooking competition, which offered a platform for young and upcoming chefs to showcase their skills. Divided into teams, the aspiring chefs had the challenge of selecting high-quality ingredients and a mystery ingredient, using every element to create a dish within a limited time frame. Emphasizing sustainability and reducing food waste, this competition was judged by esteemed culinary experts.


Reflecting on the ICCA Competition and participation at ADIFE, Francisco Araya, Director of ICCA Abu Dhabi, expressed gratitude for the invaluable experience. He highlighted the significance of engaging with international chefs, learning from Michelin-starred experts, and providing exposure for aspiring talent, who represent the future of the culinary industry.