Features & Activities

Hosted Buyers Program

The exclusive program that offers a platform for essential face-to-face meetings, enabling professionals to maintain connections and fosters the growth of sustainable business relationships tailored for professionals in the F&B sector. A unique and comprehensive experience over three days in an exceptional environment that only ADIFE can provide.


Offer an enriching experience where a diverse array of discussions and sessions will illuminate pivotal themes over the course of 3 days. Esteemed speakers from around the world will convene to share their expertise and delve into critical subjects, with a primary focus on Food Innovation, Food Technology and Sustainability.

ADIFE Start Up Zone

ADIFE Start-Up Zone is an exclusive platform for startup companies to present their products to a diverse professional audience, fostering vital business connections. Emerging enterprises have a unique opportunity to collaborate with well-established industry leaders, creating a synergy that drives innovation and growth. For budding businesses, participation in the ADIFE Start-up Zone is a gateway to heightening visibility and the creation of new avenues for growth. ADIFE not only offers exposure but also empowers startups to gather market feedback, refine their offerings, and enhance their services. If your company was founded within the last 5 years, we invite you to seize this chance to showcase your innovation and connect with industry leaders.

ADIFE Innovation Awards

The regions’ most prestigious recognition in the food industry, celebrating enterprises that push the boundaries of innovation and contribute significantly to the evolution of the sector. The awards honor the trailblazers whose groundbreaking achievements shape the future of the food and beverage landscape. It’s a testament to the commitment, creativity, and transformative impact of those at the forefront of culinary innovation within the ADIFE community. Participating in the ADIFE Innovation Awards could be an excellent opportunity to gain recognition and elevate your brand. Ensure that your submissions are well-prepared, highlighting the unique features and benefits of your products. Winning or even being nominated for such awards can open doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, and increased market share.

World Gourmet Show

The World Gourmet Show brings together the culinary brilliance of the UAE with the expertise of internationally renowned chefs who redefine culinary boundaries, unveiling the next wave of trends and crafting food masterpieces that transcend time. Experience global chefs showcase legacy, tradition in their masterclasses and witness the convergence of culinary heritage and cutting-edge creativity, as our chefs take you on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

The Pizza Hub

Co-located with the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition (ADIFE), exhibitors stand to gain significant exposure to a diverse global audience. This exposure creates opportunities for fostering valuable connections and potentially forming lucrative partnerships within the industry. The event serves as an ideal platform for exhibitors to showcase their brands and products, leveraging the high visibility offered by ADIFE to attract attention from attendees. Exhibitors can demonstrate their expertise through masterclasses and competitions, enhancing their credibility and reputation. The event catalyzes business development, driving sales and inspiring collaboration within the pizza community.