ADIFE 2023 Pizza Hub Competition Culminates with Global Showcase

Press Release Date: Abu Dhabi, UAE - 29 November 2023

The ADIFE 2023 Pizza Hub Competition has concluded, marking the end of the new culinary contest at the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition. Celebrating the art of pizza, chefs from around the world displayed their craft, offering a global perspective on this classic favorite.

This segment of the ADIFE brought together the best pizza chefs, experts, and culinary innovators to explore new dimensions in pizza cuisine. Attendees experienced a range of pizzas, from classic Neapolitan to avant-garde creations, highlighting the versatility and global appeal of this beloved dish. The event featured a rich agenda, including masterclasses, live demonstrations, and competitions – with pizza chefs from all over the world.

Antonia’s Mario Federici emerged as the winners, representing the innovation and skill that ADIFE celebrates. Other finalists were Il Forno’s Gamal Elaudi Ahmed Elsawy, Il Sole’s Adam Vibrianto, Café Italiano’s Larry Calinga, Torno Subito’s Orkhan Isayev, and Luna Rossa’s Nirob Hossain. Pizzas were judged by creativity, taste, presentation, and originality.

The ADIFE Pizza Hub Competition has underscored the event’s global reach and significance within the international pizza scene, spotlighting its key role in fostering connections across the world’s culinary landscape.

Spotlight on Antonia

Antonia originally started in Rome, Italy where they sell original Roman style square pizzas. The name Antonia was born once the owner’s grandmother, Simone Fedrici, passed away. The former Head Chef of Mare at Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort challenged his partner Mario, to franchise the restaurant abroad to showcase his grandmothers’ recipes passed on from many generations for more than 50 years ago. That is when they decided to open a restaurant in Abu Dhabi. “I really discovered my love for food when I was around 14. I then went to culinary school, and by the time I was 17 I was already working as a sous chef in a local fine dining restaurant”, said the owner Simone. Finally, in September 2021, he opened Antonia, a project he had been dreaming of for many years. This is Antonia’s first time participating in a unique event like ADIFE, which gives them a platform to showcase their famous Roman Style pizza as well as promote their simple product where they use very high-quality ingredients. They have already started planning to franchise Antonia at the Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi, with already a location in Saadiyat at Al Mamsha. Being at ADIFE allows Simone to connect with local and international personalities where he has the opportunity to promote his restaurant as well as establish long-term relationships.