Frederick Bejo Wins the UAE National Brewers Cup Championship at the Abu Dhabi International Food Festival 2023

Press Release Date: Abu Dhabi, UAE - 29 November 2023

As the Abu Dhabi National Food Exhibition comes to an end, one of the highlights of the exhibition was the UAE National Brewers Cup Championship, which brought together the world’s finest brewers in a showcase of skill, creativity, and passion for coffee. In total, 16 brewers took part in the competition, with the championship serving as a platform for sharing knowledge, discovering new trends, and celebrating the rich culture that surrounds coffee.

Following the final judging on Day Three of ADIFE, Frederick Bejo from Archers was awarded first place in the UAE National Brewers Cup Competition, an amazing achievement with very close margins thanks to the strength of the other brewers competing at ADIFE.

Frederick Bejo will go on to represent the United Arab Emirates at future international coffee events, such as the Busan World Coffee Championships at World of Coffee Busan taking place in May 2024, featuring the World Barista Championship, as well as the Copenhagen World Coffee Championships in Copenhagen in June 2024.

At ADIFE 2023, the UAE National Brewers Cup Championship saw baristas from various countries compete in a series of challenges designed to push the boundaries of coffee brewing. The championship was not just a competition but a celebration of the art of coffee, offering attendees a chance to witness the intricate processes and dedication behind each cup. The Brewers Cup Championship highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting coffee brewing and service excellence.

During the Championship, competitors prepared and served three individual beverages to a panel of judges. Over the three-days of ADIFE, the panel of judges viewed the competitors participating in the Brewers Cup Championship, judging them on specific criteria including the time of the brew, how they prepared the specific bean given to them, the aroma of the final cup, the presentation and of course the taste of the coffee. Through their efforts, the Brewers Cup Championship highlighted the meticulous craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting the art of manual coffee brewing and baristas’ excellent levels of service.

During ADIFE, numerous coffee producers, sellers and buyers were exhibiting their products and offerings at ADIFE, growing the UAE coffee industry. Commenting on the success of the coffee exhibitors at ADIFE, Sultan Al Shamsi, owner of All About Coffee and exhibitor at ADIFE, said: “Participating at ADIFE was an amazing experience, where we had the opportunity to showcase our local brand. I have had the pleasure to be part of this event which gave us a perfect window to connect with the local and international business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands. ADIFE is more than an exhibition, it is a communication platform that allows businesses to explore, expand and position themselves in the industry and I am looking forward to returning next year’s edition.”

Through the exhibition, numerous coffee producers from small and medium enterprises to large global corporations, have had the opportunity to meet potential buyers and sellers exploring business and investment opportunities that will increase growth in the coffee industry within the UAE and abroad.