UAE National Brewers Cup Championship

The global championship brings together top baristas from around the world, who gather and showcase their skills in a series of challenges aimed at raising the bar for coffee brewing. This is a celebration of the intricate processes and unwavering dedication behind every exceptional cup of coffee, providing attendees with a firsthand glimpse into the artistry that goes into each brew

A total of 24 competitors meticulously crafted three individual beverages, each prepared and served to a panel of distinguished judges. Over three intense days, these experts meticulously evaluated the competitors on a range of criteria, including brew time, bean preparation, aroma, presentation, and taste. Through their dedication and expertise, the Brewers Cup Championship illuminated the meticulous craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, championing excellence in manual brewing techniques and service standards.

ADIFE was a hive of activity as coffee producers, sellers, and buyers converged to showcase their offerings, fueling the growth of the UAE coffee industry. From small and medium enterprises to global corporations, all had the opportunity to foster valuable connections and delve into potential business and investment prospects.


Frederick Bejo, proudly representing the United Arab Emirates, and is gearing up to display his skills on the global stage at prestigious events such as the Busan World Coffee Championships and the Copenhagen World Coffee Championships. As the momentum continues to mount, ADIFE remains at the forefront of showcasing talent and innovation in the coffee industry.