Embrace the artistry and innovation that define specialty coffee as the Cezve/Ibrik Championship takes center stage for the first time in Abu Dhabi. This exciting event serves as a vibrant platform for promoting the culture of specialty coffee, uniting enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Founded by Specialty Coffee Association, this event highlights the art of Cezve or Ibrik coffee preparation, presented in a competitive format that honors this cultural tradition. In this championship, participants are encouraged to infuse their performances with their unique styles and cultural elements, showcasing one of the oldest methods of brewing coffee.

Registration Process:

1. To register the competitor should fill up the registration form and upload the following documents through the link below.



  • – Passport copy
  • – SCA Membership


  • – Passport Copy
  • – UAE Visa Copy (Old and new as proof of your 2 years UAE residency)
  • SCA Membership

2. All registration documents will be reviewed, and competitors will be chosen based on submitted documents that are fully completed and valid. Confirmed competitors will receive an official confirmation form via email.


This Competition’s Rules and Regulations will be based on WE Criteria.


We are also inviting the UAE Coffee Community to take part in this event through these opportunities:


  • – Volunteers
  • – Sponsorships (Major sponsors and Brew Bar)

For further information please email