The Pizza Hub


The Pizza Hub was launched as the UAE’s pizza exhibition celebrating the art of pizza, drawing chefs from around the world.  This segment brought together top pizza chefs, experts, and culinary innovators to explore and offer a global perspective on this classic favorite in a new dimension of pizza cuisine. Attendees were treated to a delightful range of pizzas, spanning from classic Neapolitan to avant-garde creations, showcasing the versatility and universal appeal of this beloved dish.

The event featured a rich agenda, including masterclasses, live demonstrations, and competitions – with pizza chefs from all over the globe. The Pizza Hub Competition underscored the event’s global reach and significance within the international pizza scene, spotlighting its key role in fostering connections across the world’s culinary landscape. This feature had 12 well-known pizza specialty companies compete to be crowned the “Best Pizza Company in the UAE”, with each house judged on creativity, taste, presentation, and originality.


In a thrilling finale, Antonia’s Mario Federici emerged as the victor, epitomizing the innovation and skill that ADIFE celebrates. Among the other finalists were Il Forno’s Gamal Elaudi Ahmed Elsawy, Il Sole’s Adam Vibrianto, Café Italiano’s Larry Calinga, Torno Subito’s Orkhan Isayev, and Luna Rossa’s Nirob Hossain. This feature provided exhibitors with unparalleled exposure to a diverse global audience, fostering opportunities for valuable connections and lucrative partnerships within the industry. It acted as a catalyst for business development, driving sales, and inspiring collaboration within the vibrant pizza community.