ADIFE Innovation Awards

These awards celebrate enterprises that push the boundaries of innovation and contribute significantly to the evolution of the sector. They honor the trailblazers whose groundbreaking achievements shape the future of the F&B landscape. These awards serve as a testament to the commitment, creativity, and transformative impact of those at the forefront of culinary innovation within the ADIFE community.

Why Participate in ADIFE Innovation Awards?                                                                                                                                                                                    Participating in the ADIFE Innovation Awards could be an excellent opportunity to gain recognition and elevate your brand. Ensure that your submissions are well-prepared, highlighting the unique features and benefits of your products. Winning or even being nominated for such awards can open doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, and increased market share.

To be eligible to participate you must adhere to the following criteria:
1. Participation is exclusively reserved for exhibitors at ADIFE including both individual exhibitors and members of a registered exhibitor group.
2. The products you wish to present must be edible and intended for the food processing industry.
3. All participants must declare and guarantee that they either own the intellectual property rights associated with the product they are presenting or have received proper authorization from the owner of said intellectual property rights for the competition.
4. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their products comply with the relevant legislation in their country of origin or the country where they are located.

The selection process for ADIFE Innovation Awards involves several stages:                                                                                                                                              1. ADIFE provides a dedicated platform for exhibitors interested in entering the international competition.
2. The declared products are submitted to an Expert Selection Committee, led by ADIFE’s partner, ADAFSA and ADNEC.
3. Following the Expert Selection Committee’s evaluation, the products are further reviewed by a Grand Jury who will nominate the most innovative products in their respective categories.
4. It is important for exhibitors to register for the competition as soon as they book their stands. This ensures that their products can be considered for selection by the Selection Committee on a first-come, first-served basis.
5. The Selection Committee sessions are scheduled for October 7th and the final one on November 3rd, 2024.
6. The results of the competition will be announced at a ceremony held on the first day of the ADIFE event, which is Wednesday, 26 November 2024.
Exhibitors are encouraged to register their innovative products early to increase their chances of being selected for this prestigious competition at ADIFE 2024.